Why does Inspiration Fade? A Call to Fight.

I just returned from watching Les Mis and I would be in the majority reviewing it as a great film with a variety of complex themes ranging from faith, redemption, grace, forgiveness, duty, romance, hope, etc.   However, the theme that caught my attention dealt with hope…more specifically-inspiration. Moments inspire us. People inspire us. Speeches Read more about Why does Inspiration Fade? A Call to Fight.[…]


Round Two: Made the top 34!

Youthmin.org is a youth blog started by Ben and Josh Read geared towards connecting with other everyday youth pastors. They love youth ministry and see value in the youth pastor as more than a class clown or event coordinator. I think Ben Kern, one of their contributors said it best… Youthmin.org is a really special and unique website. It Read more about Round Two: Made the top 34![…]


Knowledge in 3 Forms: declarative, procedural, and contextual.

In ministering to students it is important to reach them where they are and attempt to articulate and communicate knowledge in different ways. There are three major ways that all knowledge can be categorized under three domains: declarative, procedural, and contextual: 1. Declarative knowledge is information, including facts, events, concepts, and principles, that the learner needs to know, not what the Read more about Knowledge in 3 Forms: declarative, procedural, and contextual.[…]