7 Great questions to ask yourself before Preaching.

Do you ever have the opportunity to preach or communicate Gods truth to a group of people?  Have you ever heard God’s truth proclaimed?  What are typical reactions that occur both in your heart and thoughts whether sharing or receiving?

What will people think of me?

Has this person put anytime into this message?

What grade with they give me once this is done?

Hope people see all the time and effort I put in to preparing this?

God I hope they see you through what I say today.

Though that last one is by far the most intentional, Francis Chan shares 7 questions he asks before preaching that highlight the people to whom he preaches rather than his message.  His messages become focused on his people and his heart to shepherd and pastor them.  In his message at theNational Conference,Francis Chan highlighted the importance of truly loving the people to whom he preaches with the greatest humility.

Here are the mentioned 7 questions that he asks himself in preparing to preach:

1. Am I worried about what people think of my message or what God thinks? (Teach with fear)

2. Do I genuinely love these people? (Teach with love)

3. Am I accurately presenting this passage? (Teach with accuracy)

4. Am I depending on the Holy Spirit’s power or my own cleverness? (Teach with power)

5. Have I applied this message to my own life? (Teach with integrity)

6. Will this message draw attention to me or to God? (Teach with humility)

7. Do the people really need this message? (Teach with urgency)


Which point stands out to you the most as a valuable point to depend on?

8 thoughts on “7 Great questions to ask yourself before Preaching.

    • Based on some of your pod casts you got um Loren! The practicality of this point getting lived out is tough and trying to know that I am intended to use my natural gifts yet continually give God glory. Any thoughts on finding that balance?

  • Question five is the biggest for me. Every message I give is one I have not only applied, but lived through. I don’t preach on a regular basis, usually about 12-20 times a year (some messages are repeats), so the messages I give are ones I have worked through in my own life. I have seen those messages to be the most powerful.

    • Great point Jason- its so easy to simply preach rather than taking these gospel truths to heart and living them out. Obviously not having them all figured out, but truly desiring to see them get applied and lived out in our lives. Thanks Jay, hope God is continuing to bless your ministry!

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