Are Doubts Ever a Good Thing? 2 Key Benefits To Being Doubtful.


Doubts come with a negative connotation.
To doubt something is essentially a lack of trust or certainty in it.
How could that ever be a good thing?
Here are 2 significant reasons when to doubt.
First the Negative.

1.In-Breeding is Bad

I think Tim Keller says it best:
“Believers should acknowledge and wrestle with doubts… It is no longer sufficient to hold beliefs just because you inherited them.” ― Timothy Keller
He is saying that the inability to think for yourself is detrimental to your life because you cannot get by in society with a simple faith.
You cannot turn to the homosexual couple sitting next to you in class and tell them you disagree with their lifestyle without a reasonable defense.
You cannot turn to your professor in school and tell him that evolution is an ignorant view of the creation of the universe without a thoughtful response about creationism
You cannot tell me sex is bad before marriage without n intelligent response for the value and sanctity of marriage.
Simply holding something because of the heritage and lineage behind it cultivates the good ol boys network and the inbreeding of stagnant slug
Second in the Positive Sense

2. Thinking is a Good thing

Wrestling with doubts inevitably leads to thinking.
Thinking diligently about something has the potential to change our action or behavior.
Thinking about these doubts solidifies what we truly believe in and allows us to see where other people could be coming from.  It causes the roots of what we think about and believe to grow deeper..

What are the benefits or consequences of encouraging people to doubt?

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