Are you getting a lot of FALSE Rest? A lesson to Learn from the Sloth

You know that animal that moves at lighting speed through the forest and trees?  His prey never know he is coming?

Yeah-you guessed it, the sloth.

This guy has got it figured out.  Even the look on his face tells you that everything is going to be okay.

Change Speed to Avoid Predators.

Sloths move incredibly slow to avoid their predator, the Harpy eagle.  In order to keep from getting eaten, the sloth moves, well, slothfully.

In our culture life moves, and it moves fast.

Burnout.  Anxiety Attacks.  Stress!

It moves so fast that we never see the difference between sabathing and false rest.

A predator in the American culture is the spirituality of busyness.

We think we are getting rest by sitting down to watch TV for an hour or puttering around on Facebook for two.


We think we are gaining spiritual bonus points for putting in 60 hours of “ministry”.

This week—–TODAY—take time to rest.

Potential restful activities:

  1. Go play a sport. How is that rest?  It relieves any anxious tension that you are living with!
  2. Read a book.  Expanding your knowledge and understanding.  Change the setting.  On your comfortable arm chair.  By the pool.  The porch.
  3. Clean.  Clean the clutter in your room if you look around and see your anxiety level rising simply because of a disorganized desk.
  4. Read the Bible and Pray.  If you attempt to simply turn the lights down low and pray (if your anything like me) you’ll fall asleep.  Being still doesn’t simply mean sitting
  5. Journaling.  Take time to catalog your thoughts and spiritual journey.


What else would you add to this list where find rest in your schedule?  



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