BIG Idea of Mark 6:14-29.

There are only two passages in the gospel of Mark not about Jesus….they are both about John the Baptist.   Jesus referred to him as “the greatest man who ever lived up until his time.” (matt. 11:11; Luke 7:28).

Of the two passages, the first was about him coming before Jesus- baptizing him.  Preparing the way!

The second one shows Jesus stepping onto the stage and surpassing JTB in ministry, in boldness in adversity and ultimately in the sacrifice Jesus will give.  Many commentators I had been reading suggested the value of many other ideas.

Other Suggested Big Ideas:

1. Johns materdomn is sandwiched between the sending of the 12 into public ministry which translates into a lesson in discipleship and the price that must sometimes be paid for serving Jesus Christ.

2. Some suggested adultery and standing up for your conscience and convictions.

3. Even others suggested a powerful story and end to a legacy of JTB.

Where I landed.

I.       Jesus surpasses JTB.

1.      Jesus surpasses JTB’s ministry (14-16)

a.      Trying to figure out who Jesus is.

b.      Doing greater miracles.

2.      Jesus surpasses JTB’s boldness (17-19)

a. John’s boldness in calling for righteousness.

b. Jesus will surpass his boldness in adversity.

3.      Jesus surpasses JTB’s sacrifice (21-29)

a.    Both forerunner of Jesus ministry and forerunner of his death.

b.    Jesus sacrifice carries more significance.


-We are captivated by Christs ministry

-We are empowered by Christ’s boldness

-We are saved by Christ’s sacrifice

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