Is Caring important in this discipleship journey?

A constant question that I try to answer in every conversation—how do you meet the person you are talking to exactly where they are and help them answer the deepest question they are trying to ask.


It starts there and really is that simple.

Can you do this without caring, I am sure on some level you could, but then I would question how legitimate your desire for discipleship to take place is.

If you do not know someones family….or much less their name…OR LAST NAME…I cannot imagine you have that close of a relationship and therefore a limited ability to truly be a consistent influence in their life.

If you care about their eternal destiny it would seem to be important to have some desire to care about them as people.

Books, hours of conversations, and conferences center around this human concept of care. The reality is most of us don’t.  We care to the degree that it benefits us.  We care to the degree that we will earn more business or opportunity to provide our insight, or to change someones situation, or to listen to our own voice, or own wisdom.  We care to the degree that karma will return to us or that we have bargaining chips to use against the person in the future.

We like to be in the know…but we rarely care to know.

Questions to Ask yourself to assess where you care of not:

1. Am I trying to “fix” them?

2. Does my heart break for the situation they are in?

3. Can I keep this information (no matter how “juicy”) to myself?

4. Do I genuinely want the best for them no matter the outcome?

5. Can I walk away unchanged?

Pretty generic questions that should easily allow you to assess your heart and begin the process for caring for those in your sphere of influence.

Any other questions you would add to the list to help you identify whether you care for those you engage with?

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