Count it all joy…It cannot really mean that can it? 5 ways to expand our view of JOY.

We are beginning the journey through the book of James at RCC students and the beginning text says this…count it all joy but it doesn’t always seem like we have a full picture of that idea. JOY!  I know what joy is, or so we think, it is the deep down belief that God is Read more about Count it all joy…It cannot really mean that can it? 5 ways to expand our view of JOY.[…]

Living Water…more important than you think.

Living. Water. Apart these words are so powerful together they could be confusing. awkward. mismatched.  Living doesn’t usually associate with an element like water and an element like water would usually get matched with its flow, size, depth, or insert any other descriptive attribute. Not. Living. Apart the words hold meaning…life, alive, living, breathing, moving, Read more about Living Water…more important than you think.[…]

What’s So Important About a Big Idea Anyway?

We in the church suck at valuing scripture, reading scripture, interpreting scripture, and applying scripture.  I could say it again because it bears repeating…but I don’t know how you could have missed it.  But why are we so bad at it? The response you may have had after reading that could have been one of Read more about What’s So Important About a Big Idea Anyway?[…]

BIG Idea of Mark 6:14-29.

There are only two passages in the gospel of Mark not about Jesus….they are both about John the Baptist.   Jesus referred to him as “the greatest man who ever lived up until his time.” (matt. 11:11; Luke 7:28).

Of the two passages, the first was about him coming before Jesus- baptizing him.  Preparing the way!

The second one shows Jesus stepping onto the stage and surpassing JTB in ministry, in boldness in adversity and ultimately in the sacrifice Jesus will give.  Many commentators I had been reading suggested the value of many other ideas.


Wrestling with Inevitable Tensions In Scripture

Desiring God ministries says, “We don’t adjust the brain-baffling categories of Scripture to fit human reason. We take it as one of our jobs to create categories in human minds that never existed in those minds before — a job only God can do — though he makes us agents.”   The Sovereign God of “Elfland” Read more about Wrestling with Inevitable Tensions In Scripture[…]

Afterward. John 13:36

One word.  Should we make a big deal of it?  It depends what the word context means to you. 36 Simon Peter said to him, “Lord, where are you going?” Jesus answered him, “Where I am going you cannot follow me now, but you will follow afterward.” What is this afterward that Jesus is talking about?  Read more about Afterward. John 13:36[…]

“Pray without ceasing.”—1 Thessalonians 5:17.

WHAT DO THESE WORDS IMPLY? Is it simply a hyperbole? I found a sermon given by Charles Spurgeon that unpacks this single text showing vividly and clearly what it doesn’t mean, but then in his Spurgeon way, with the magic of his pen, gives five explanations for what this looks like on a daily level-not Read more about “Pray without ceasing.”—1 Thessalonians 5:17.[…]