The Mercenary Pastor- hired today- gone tomorrow.

When I hear the term mercenary for some reason I can’t get Jean Claude Van Dam out of my head and hear the word Legionnaire playing over and over.  The recruiting sergeant saying, “There are only three ways you can return to France. One, fulfill your contract. Two, disability. And three, in a box!” A Read more about The Mercenary Pastor- hired today- gone tomorrow.[…]

Round Two: Made the top 34! is a youth blog started by Ben and Josh Read geared towards connecting with other everyday youth pastors. They love youth ministry and see value in the youth pastor as more than a class clown or event coordinator. I think Ben Kern, one of their contributors said it best… is a really special and unique website. It Read more about Round Two: Made the top 34![…]

8 Myths about China

Its hard to believe but it has already been 6 years since my trip to China.  Six years ago there were already incredible signs of economic grow and huge telecommunication infrascrutures under way.  We sat in on big business meetings and met with governors, officials, and bank executives.  All signs pointed to the exponential growth Read more about 8 Myths about China[…]