The complexity of relationships and how to recognize them.

Relationships.  It’s how the world works but how exactly do relationships work?

There are 3 major layers to relationships and 3 major arenas that they take place in.

You can measure every church by these 3 layers and these 3 arenas and assess how well and organized a church is.

Three layers of relationship are:

1. Facilitating a Relationship with God.

2. Organizing a relationship with other people who treasure Christ.

3. Passionately pursuing a relationship with those yet to believe.

To cultivate and develop these are you entering into a:

1. One on one relationship where there is no where to hide.

2. Small group dynamic where everyone knows your name.

3. Large Crowd with high anonymity and little dialogue.

Every time you attend a business meeting, a conference, a church, a school or a coffee shop look for these 3 relationships and 3 arenas.

A church gathering is usually one that is an opportunity to experience God in a large crowd setting.

A church small group is usually an opportunity to gather with other people who treasure Christ and are able to have a lot more dialogue with people who know them, love them and can challenge them to live out what they preach.

A one on one relationship can be on of digging even deeper or an opportunity to connect with someone yet to believe that you have been praying for and consistently pursuing, not as a project, but as an extension of your faith and desire to see more people come to know Christ.

How well does your church do in managing all these layers and how can you continue to grow to see the world in this way?

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