Discipleship 101. Jim Putnam Unpacking Cultural Flaws.

I have been encouraged by discipleship.org and their attempt to clarify what we see in the scripture.  It isn’t about conversion, its about discipleship.  It isn’t about helping people become ushers or donut servers…its about becoming disciple makers.

It helps to follow the Jesus curriculum in this discipleship process that brings us back to the great commission and how the greatest discipler modeled for us how this is supposed to work.

This discipleship thing is a lost art and even after Jim shares, it still seems all to theoretical for me.  How do we do this- week in and week out.  All he said was stuff we have heard before, but as we live this thing out its harder than Jim has communicated.

Pastors empower. Got it.

Its not about having people be ushers. Solid.

The church is filled with disciples who are discipling. Couldn’t have said it better.

Here is the problem.  Have you ever tried this!? It is a slow, its a glacial (as one of our elders says) process.  This discipleship thing isn’t a packaged product to give away….rather, its simply more joy in Jesus in your own life that you cannot help but bring other people into.

Still- this video is worth a listen and I am eager to see how this thing continues to get unpacked by these men.

2 thoughts on “Discipleship 101. Jim Putnam Unpacking Cultural Flaws.

  • I think that our focus on making converts is well-intentioned in many ways. We want to change people’s eternities from hell to heaven. And surely that’s important to God. But our focus can change to an unhealthy and unbiblical one when that’s all we’re about – instead of following Jesus’s commands to make disciples.

    • Loren thanks for the comment man! I’ve been away from this blog thing for too long! Always love being challenged in my time management skills by you!

      By “not about conversion” I think Jim meant and– I mean– IF this gospel message has changed your life it becomes more than a prayed prayer without any life evidence.

      It turns into a process that propels you to want more people to find the treasure that you have found in the context that you spend your time- workplace, school, home, etc

      Does God look down and smile at conversion? It would seem to me if it is genuine and in lies my tension. Mine is not to judge the heart but to assess the fruit- in my life and those in my sphere of community and help press in to helping understand genuine faith and conversion.

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