Discipleship —I Genuinely Want To see What’s Different than Before about Discipleship

Discipleship is #trending.  Though there has been an explosion of content for a theoretical concept of discipleship, as you explore deeper it seems to be a SSDD type of trend.

I was exploring some of the recent “discipleship” websites like the Growing Up Challenge and the Relational Discipleship Network and what I continually find is a packaged program that attempts to help people figure this discipleship thing out.

The closest thing that I have appreciated was the Discipleship.org which attempts to modernize and polish the Master Plan of Evangelism.

HERE IS THE PROBLEM: you cannot package discipleship…follow this formula, follow these steps…

WHY? Because at the end of the day, it takes some one more passionate about Jesus pursuing you with their passion because they can’t help but want you to have what they have, not some one watching a DVD, taking you through a curriculum, or forcing relationship. Discipleship is not forced or formulaic or packaged.

Discipleship is raw, informal, and natural.  Its joy in Jesus overflowing.

Its funny to me that we try so hard to package this thing and manufacture it and give it to others.

We try to make God more interesting by putting him in a shiny package that sometimes doesn’t even involve an attempt to experience him through his word.

A typical “discipleship” experience: Answer a few questions…talk about your circumstances and maybe help your neighbor…because the person leading the thing has no one in their life and as a result have no passion for this God that they are discussing!

God is interesting!

Discipleship then is living a life that reflects that there is nothing better than knowing and enjoying this God and helping people know and enjoy God thru his Son Jesus.

I don’t need to watch a DVD and then discuss it.  I want some one real in my life.  I want to have some one help me discover more about God through his word and watch him live it out in the way he treats his wife, or how his wife works or serves, the way their kids live, and how they respond to difficult circumstances.

Instead of getting passionate about God, were passionate about replicating a packaged model made by someone we’ve never met & will never know. CLICK TO TWEET


Is someone passionate about Christ and they cannot help but pass that joy along to anyone they encounter….or are they trying to replicate a model of creating “mentors”, “disciple makers”, or any other trending buzz word.

I genuinely am interested to see how we can maximize this trending excitement for discipleship…my fear is that we will soon move on to the next package thing that attempts to help people see and savor this God.

THE ANSWER: It seems so simple….yet so profound.  All it is, is becoming a people passionate about knowing God, enjoying God, and a desire to help others in that process.


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