Endzone Relationships go the Distance but not like you think.

ENDZONE relationships

Going the distance could be in reference to life long relationships, a potential boundary in a relationship specifically regarding intimacy, or it could be a Disney song from the movie Hercules.

None of those however, truly get the best picture of relationships that go the distance from end zone to end zone.

Endzone to Endzone Relationships.

These are the people in your life that can pick up any conversation and carry it the distance.  They can meet you in the shallow end of the pool and talk about menial things for days.

Within the same conversation they can move into the wading area and share medium level conversation that goes beyond weather and sports and into details of life.

They even are able to cross over into the deep end and allow you to share your soul to them or likewise capable of sharing their should with you.

They do this seamlessly and with ease.

Some people can hang out in the shallow or deep end but have a hard time sharing everyday details of life.

Others cannot move past the shallow….or the deep…they only know one or the other.  They cannot move end zone to end zone.

Still others cannot make it into either end—they are forever stuck in the middle. Never sharing too little…never sharing too much.

Then there are those friends that can be incredibly serious while seamlessly moving to the most meaningless (albeit funny) stuff.  From the 50, to the 40, to the 30…they move from end zone to end zone flawlessly.

Can you identify any end zone to end zone relationships in your life?  These are the people to vacation with.  

Do you think this is a skill to acquire or something that is shared with certain people in your life?

15 thoughts on “Endzone Relationships go the Distance but not like you think.

  • I think that this type of relationship is a little of both, like Caleb said. Sometimes you just click with certain people, but there is a definite skill in encouragement and a certain deliberate openness that only comes with effort.

    • Thanks Loren! Encouragement yes—openness yes– but there are those relationships that just click. They just cover the breadth of relationships. Those are the ones I enjoy the most

    • Thanks Loren! Yeah man, you just click with certain people and though it is a skill to be encouraging and open even with the most effort there seems to be people that are just gifted at seeing value at all ends of the relational spectrum…. always love when you stop by to check in on my thoughts dude

  • I think it’s a little of both. Certainly there is a skill that can be developed but sometimes there are people that is just works better with. Usually I can identify those people with-in the first 15 mins of meeting them. There’s just something about the way the conversation flows naturally to the deeper things of life.

    • Maybe even first 30 seconds??? Thanks Caleb- and Im guessing these are the people you are looking for out in the Ukraine to share life with and help them see Jesus if they are more open to even going there- Im guessing 🙂

  • Great post on relationships. I confidently believe that anyone can obtain the skill that allow them to connect and build strong relationships. It first starts with our desire.

    • hahah, seems like a pretty important place to start 🙂 Feels like where all of lives decisions start—-if not motivated by desire or happiness what are they motivated by? But point taken it is a learnable skill—any examples of someone you’ve seem this happen to dan?

  • I’m loving these posts on relationship! They’re really making me think. I tend to be a deep end kind a guy but have learned to hang out more at the other end of the pool with people, too much deep stuff can be just a little overwhelming/boring for some. It’s always felt pretty great to find those you don’t feel you have to migrate from your end of the pool too much for though. For me those friendships have been few, and so ones I’ve tended to cherish that much more.

    • hahahah you’re too good to me dude— feels like what life is all about! Relationships of various kinds but nonetheless all about relationships.

      I love deep thinking! We could talk about the dodgers all day long but there are more important things that exist—–and it seems to me the best way to bring people along in that process is by helping them see that too 🙂 SO if I have to talk fantasy basketball I will with the hope that we can get to the deep end at some point- if you ever come to SO CAL coffee on me man Id love to hear more of your story!

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