Gravity + Glue. What are you attracting people with and what are you keeping them with?

Gravity + Glue.

What are you attracting students with and what are you keeping them with?

In establishing a vision for your ministry it is important to understand these two concepts.

Gravity: what are you pulling people in with?  What is your tool or key to connecting people to your organization or ministry?

What is that gravitational pull that attracts others to you?

If your response is…I don’t know, it might be time to sit down, take a long hard look at what you do and create your vision.

  • Is it your community?
  • Is it your programs?
  • Is it your product?

What is it?

This drives all the effort regarding your reach to your community.


What about your glue?

What do you do to keep people returning time and time again?

By understanding the difference you can begin the process of assessing the quality of your glue.

Are you working with double sided sticky tape, Elmer’s glue, or rubber cement?

Larry Osborne in Sticky church says it this way,

We’ve often become so focused on reaching people that we’ve forgotten the importance of keeping people.

The more valuable of these two options, the glue.

It seems that many youth programs focus on the gravity and the reach rather than closing the back door and focusing on how to strengthen the glue that keeps our students connected.


before you can focus on the glue…you need to know what the glue is.

What is the glue in your ministry or organization?



4 thoughts on “Gravity + Glue. What are you attracting people with and what are you keeping them with?

  • I think that the relationships that can be developed are really the glue oftentimes. I’m not saying that’s ideal – of course we want it to be devotion to Christ alone that pulls people in. But the reality is that relationships keep people coming and they open the door of their hearts for so much more.

    • Couldn’t agree more Loren!
      I don’t think they are separate. Relationship with God, relationship with others, and then those yet to believe. God designed this thing to work that by spending time and rubbing shoulders with people who are passionate about Jesus it leaks from there life and I am both drawn in and glued! The gravity they produce from their passion with Jesus connects me and I am stuck and glued in the best sense of the word 🙂

      Thanks for your thoughts Loren

  • Great challenge, David. There are two sides to every ministry – getting people and keeping people. Working in college ministry, there definitely are seasons when one side is favored over the other – getting people happens much more in the fall while keeping people happens more in the winter months. They do go side by side and we see people coming in all the time, but there is a heavy emphasis on getting people at the start of the school year and keeping people during the school year.

    • Love it Jason. I am right in the midst of it right now. We have a gravity event this Saturday, but do so with the hopes of providing a venue to create relationships and then hope the glue of our community closes the back door of our ministry! Great thoughts my man

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