Hope in Deeper Happiness.

Great video that I thought I’d simply scan thru and ended up fully engaged throughout the entire clip.

Three stories of people in our culture, that we may recognize, sharing their journey.  What stood out the me (more than the interspersed Billy quotes) was the power of a pursuit of deep and meaningful and lasting happiness.

Each person shares a longing for it and avenues to fulfill it and what they found was meaningless apart from Christ.  This 30 minute video is the gospel told through the eyes of a female searching for relationship, a comedian looking for fame and success and an athlete looking for fulfillment.

Common thread? Pursue happiness and if pursued for its ultimate end you find God.

2 thoughts on “Hope in Deeper Happiness.

  • Oh no! Now I want to watch that video but I can’t right now. I just watched the first few minutes and it looks really good. I’ll try to watch it tomorrow after I get home from church and let you know what I think.

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