How important is scaffolding in the Discipleship Journey?

Driving through old town orange I see buildings that are getting refurbished and often around those buildings are these temporary structures made of wooden planks and metal poles being used by workers while building, repairing, and cleaning the building…


Im not arguing that scaffolding isn’t critical in the process of real life buildings…but to what degree are they metaphorically needed in the building of lives?

Usually when we talk about scaffolding in the spiritual world we are talking about giving people tools that they can implement in their spiritual walk to live out their faith more effectively.

  • Follow these 6 steps to freedom from (fill in the addiction)
  • Sign up for this daily 30 second inspiration from the Psalms to get into scripture
  • Fill in the blank sermon notes to make it easy to not think about what your hearing.
  • Pray this prayer and never feel guilty again

How much scaffolding is needed is the wrong question….we can never have enough scaffolding….the question is, who is the one piecing it together?

Don’t misinterpret…scaffolding isn’t a bad thing…I’m just concerned about the order it takes place and who puts it up.

In building lives, spiritual scaffolding often feels just like paying the expert spiritual builders to come and refurbish the building of your life for you rather than seeing the owner/the individual find and place the scaffolding that makes the most sense for them.

What does it look like to see individuals get a view for the building they want to see in their lives and then begin putting up the scaffolding for themselves?

We often don’t see the building that God is creating in our lives or others and forfeit the process to those whom we believe possess better painting skills, roofing ability, or glass placement.

Don’t leave the scaffolding to the “spiritual experts” and don’t build scaffolding for others…

…Continue to give people a picture of what God is doing in their lives and see that cultivate in them a heart to develop the scaffolding they need.

A the end of the day, it’s not the change in our life that motivates the Christian…that is enough for those apart from Jesus but for the Christian its seeing the planner or the developer or any other pithy metaphor to describe something greater than just what’s going on in the individuals life.

God is at work.

In your Life.

Through your Life.

And we continue to be inspired by the reality of a God who goes beyond circumstances and drives us to create whatever scaffolding is needed to see him more and more and more in our lives.

As pastors we shouldn’t be putting the scaffolding up in peoples lives, instead we are creating ways for them to see Jesus that will lead them to never stop the process of putting scaffolding up in their lives in this journey of faith.

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