4 Suggestions on How to better lead an Introvert.

If you have been in a leadership position for any amount of time you engage with all personality types.

The question remains, how do you lead introverts, or if you are an introvert how do I communicate certain principles that will help productivity?

Respect their Need for Privacy.

Sometimes introverts want to be alone…let them.  Communicate the need for community, but allow them a certain privacy that you may not need for yourself.

Don’t Try and Turn them into an Extrovert or push them to make a lot of friends

They aren’t like you.  They like minimal close friends.  Engaging with people the way you do is like sticking nails in their eyes continuously.  They will engage with certain people that you are unable to reach.  Allow them to interact at their pace rather than throwing them into the deep end of the relational pool; if they don’t drown they will resent you for it.

Let them Observe First in New Situations.

Its okay to not immediately ask an introvert what they think.  Give them time to think and calibrate their thoughts and feelings.  If you rush an introvert you will not get the answer you want and you will have a clean u pon aisle 9 for you to come back to in the future.

Give them 15 minute warnings to finish up whatever they are Working on.

Introverts seem to switch gears at a different pace, not wrong, just different.  If you want to maximize your next step spontaneity isn’t a strength of the introvert.  Instead of trying to drag them along at your pace, give them a warning that you will need them and give them an allotted amount of time to finish what they are doing.  It is not so much for the project but also for their attention to the next project.

If you are an introvert, do these match up with your experience in life?

Have you ever had experience leading an introvert or leading as an introvert?  Tell us about it!







2 thoughts on “4 Suggestions on How to better lead an Introvert.

  • These are great points. I would also add to take individual time to spend with them. They might not go out with everyone for happy hour but more than likely would if it was just the leader and them. 

    • Dan,
      Nice addition man. The craziness that is happy hour might not be there spot, but the intent of happy hour is to spend time with your team and therefore taking individual time with these type of people on your team is very important! Great stuff Dan

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