Which is More Important: the team you LEAD or the team you are a part of?

If you are married, at some point you have asked your spouse…who do you love more, me or the kids?  I hope the answer always comes back…you honey, but the reality is for some it may not be that simple.  Some people may say that we’re together for the kids, maybe you had a kid before you got pregnant and as a result decided to get married for the kids best.  Shuttle driving, cheer leading, maid service….only begin to scratch the surface of the life of a parent.


at the end of the day, you climb into bed with your spouse and it should be the most important relationship in the family.  All the love and kindness and compassion the kids feel stem from this relationship.  If this relationship is healthy, the home is a healthy place.

Which is More Important: the team you LEAD or the team you are a part of?

This leads us to your team…if you asked the people on your team which relationship was more important, would they answer the team they lead or the team that they are a part of?

If the Answer is the team they Lead:

It is a good thing to have quality people who are invested in the success of the team they lead. You want to have people who value the success of their team and work hard at accomplishing the role stat they have been entrusted with.  HOWEVER, if they are putting the success of their individual team over the success of the greater whole it will be a lot like a family who stuck together simply for the kids.  When each person is an individual contributor they could careless if the overall community succeeds…they begin to care about the success of their department or team.  They will most likely not help our departments and they may even actively subvert their success.  Address this soon or you will be in trouble.

If the Answer is the team they are a part of:

You are all working for the good of the teams success.  You may be willing to give up temporary success because you believe in the overall success of a the team.  Instead of fighting for a piece of the pie you are collaborating.  Teamwork and unity are promoted and less value is put on individual success.

Question: have you ever asked your team (our your spouse) this question?  What would there response be?

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