Jesus is always relevant, No Cliché has ever been more true.

Do we ever tire of “updating maps”? In a constant struggle to be relevant we sacrifice time of knowing God more…the being of whom we are trying to be relevant for.

There is nothing more relevant than Jesus.

We argue about tactics….of which there are limitless options.

The Two Potential Directions We Go: The Theologian or the Practitioner.

And we swing to one side of the extreme or the other….we either can never re enter the world because we are hermit scholars meddling with the minutia of what we deem to be relevant theology, or we are practitioners who care very little for the study of God and find ourselves in a world dangerously close to secular leadership development and coaching.

We debate systematic theology in our high church world or we argue about style and communication….and how to help people love God without ever truly falling in love with him ourselves.

Both seem to have erred.

Yeah, maybe at one point we knew and loved him…and then we went on a quest to share him or dissect him, though very rarely ever returning to the spring that filled our soul.

Maybe it seems so cliché, but no cliché has ever been more true.

Nothing is more relevant than Jesus.

So the criticisms come…what does that look like?


To the Theologian:

Your knowledge betrays you. The amount of information that you seem to have accumulated never seems to get reflected in the emotional response you have to circumstances and as an observation it would seem you do not know or believe the things you espouse to the degree that you think you do.


To the Practitioner:

Where did you find out about this Jesus that you so passionately want to make relevant? In Scripture no doubt. Return to scripture not for topical antidotal remedies, but for the soul satisfying delight that you experienced long ago. And not only return there but bring others to the spring. Stop making the apple shimmery, or the tomb whiter…our culture will respond to a genuine faith lived out in the midst of trials, and faith that prioritizes things contrary to what is relevant.


Return to scripture, drink deeply, find him satisfying and be renewed with a greater desire for the cause of Christ.

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