JourneySharers. Never Walk Alone.


Life wasn’t meant to be lived alone.  Marriage. Friendship. Work. Our hearts seeking approval.  Seeking validation.  Seeking attention.  A feeling of loneliness if excluded.

Life is about Relationships.  Who are you sharing it with?

I was reading blog HERE about four major aspects of life noted in Luke 2:52.  I think the author missed the big idea of the text, but noted something very interesting…Jesus grew…in four areas one of which was relational.

He asked a question,

Who do I consider my closest friend? How is God using that relationship to grow me?

Who are the Journey Sharers in your life?

Its a pretty typical question, but one to reflect on today…who are you sharing this journey with?  Is it helping or hindering your growth?

Does it bring energy and life or does it drain and fatigue you?  Is the relationship work?

It may be time to take pause and reflect on how God is working in and through that relationship for your good.  It may seem that you are doing most of the pursuing.  It may seem that you are putting more energy into that relationship then you are getting out.  It may be time for a change.

Find people in your life that can go the distance (end-zone to end-zone) and enjoy the journey.

Who are your journeysharers?

4 thoughts on “JourneySharers. Never Walk Alone.

  • This has always been something I’ve felt deeply about and to an extent kinda struggled with too. I often enjoy being the sort of counsellor-type in my friendships but then find it difficult to get fed myself through them. There’ve been only one or two good friends through my life I’ve really felt able to connect with in a way that fed me and felt more reciprocal. It may be just a personality thing. But I do think finding friends you feel mutually edified by and invested in is a big deal and not always easy. If not for my wife I’d be pretty stuck. Like you say, the journey just isn’t fun without someone – friend, spouse, family, or whoever – to share it with.

    • Micah you’re good man- it has been a joy to hear more of your story! And the ratio will never be perfect right but I agree with you not always easy to find and when you find them you know

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