Key Trait of an Effective Leader? Happiness.

Richard Branson, the billionare of Virgin said,

If your staff are happy and smiling and enjoying their work, they will perform well. Consequently, the customers will enjoy the experience with your company. If your staff are sad and miserable and not having a good time, the customers will be equally miserable. So, it is a critical thing. We’ve done things differently at Virgin and that’s made life more fun and enjoyable. I’ve been determined to have a good time.

 Yeah, maybe he isn’t the guru of biblical leadership, but the core of his leadership was making sure his staff was having a great time and that started with HIM “determining” to have a good time!

Its a Choice

Choose to enjoy the day!  Your attitude is a choice.  Bring energy and passion to your team and inspire them to be the best and do the best.

Every leader should enjoy what they lead people in if they want it to succeed.

Ok, so I said it was a choice before, but come on…are you really having to try hard to choose to enjoy everyday?  Where you are leading/what you are leading in should  be something that you are fired up about and you do not have to try and fake your happiness everyday, it will just seep out.  If you have to make yourself enjoy work, that might be a sign to change professions.

Your happiness as a leader is directly correlated to the production of your team.

“If you want them to bleed you should be hemorrhaging.”  You want to see your productivity go up; show your passion for what you do to your team!  Your people are a mirror of your attitude and if you aren’t enjoying the work guess what they are probably doing?  Wondering why your volunteers are lethargic…it could be they are tired or they are mirroring leadership.

When you determine what it is you really enjoy, you can find success. 

Now that you have found, or currently in what you enjoy continue to strive to let your team see your genuine happiness, see the culture change in your team, and see productivity and success increase!  In student Ministry, there are parts to the position that may not be your favorite, but when you determine preaching, discipling, events drive you lead those and let people see it!  Don’t let the majority of your time be used and seen in areas that give you no passion or energy.  That will drain you and your team.


Do you enjoy what you are doing professionally?  

How much of a difference does that make in your day to day activities and those that follow you?

21 thoughts on “Key Trait of an Effective Leader? Happiness.

  • Yes, with happiness and optimism we can do lots of things inside a company. Also, a good leader should be communicative, a good listener, open-minded, capable of taking risks and of course decisions. I almost forgot about that a leader must be determined to achieve the proposed goals and to know how to motivate others.

    • Great thoughts! All great qualities of leadership and I would say that happiness in the leader is a part of all you listed.
      They communicate well because they believe in the vision, they are a good listener because they really what the person they are listening to to grow and develop.
      They are open minded knowing that they want to be happier and if there is a better way they will jump at that opportunity.
      They are pursuing goals that line up with their vision on grow their business, which they believe will lead to greater happiness.

      Again, great thoughts and everything you mentioned is important to the process

  • I enjoy what I do and I’m happy at work. I have more great days than I do stressful days. I get stuck though, because my job isn’t even remotely close to what I want to do with my life…I don’t want to settle.

      • I think it’s more of a timing thing for me right now. I’m still young (27) and my boss has told me several times that she thinks I’ll be a great manager someday (although my department doesn’t really have any promotion opportunities). I think if I wait a little while longer then several things will begin falling into place. Also, I’ve already started watching the job list of a few similar organizations to see if something great will open up.

        • Rob,
          man thats almost another post in itself…patience, but it sounds like you are living out of active waiting rather than passive waiting. Instead of waiting for something to fall into your lap you are doing what you can to make it happen. Thanks for being willing to share that dude! I pray that God continues to make it happen for you.

  • Great statement by Richard, it’s so true. It’s such an important aspect to leadership and running a business. It’s so essential for leaders to create an environment where their people are happy and enjoy what they do.  It starts with the leaders then flows to the staff/followers then to the clients/customers. Great topic and post. 

  • I’ve been in jobs I have not enjoyed and it made it really difficult to go to work everyday and give it my all. Trying to live the scripture, ‘do everything as unto the Lord’ was really a challenge.

    I thank God he has worked in my life and brought contentment and joy. 

    I pray this post ministers to many!

  • This is a powerful reminder… Sometimes I get caught up in the day to day hassles of running my business that I forget to make it fun. Life is too short to be unhappy in what we do daily. This was perfect timing for me today…

  • Thanks for coming over to my world David.  That first one jumped out to me.  I find it hard to fathom leading someone in an area that is a drudgery or just downright painful for me to do.  If I am not sold on something, how in the world can I expect others to be?  

    • Absolutely Bill,
      also checked out a sermon of yours on ! Corinthians. Our pastor here in Kosovo just did the same text 🙂 great text on love. I agree, the quote if you want them to bleed you better be hemorrhaging provides an example to the leadership you describe. Thanks Bill!

  • My part time job – not at all. It’s work that a college student could do and our department leader definitely does not exemplify the leadership style she wants to see in us.

    Now the non-profit I lead and my graphic design / branding business – those I love and work with enthusiasm and joy. 

    It truly is amazing how leadership affects everything below it.

    • Jason,
      have you ever thought about having a conversation with her and give her feedback or is it not even worth the energy? Do you think she would respond positivity to that? Either way,stoked for your passion for what you get to spend a majority of your time on and how it flows from your leadership to your team!

  • This statement ” Your happiness as a leader is directly correlated to the production of your team.” is also so true in the home. I know that my attitude as a Dad sets the tone of family life (my team). It is important that my kids ENJOY being part of that team!

    Good post bro’!

    • Jay,
      Maybe even more so at home! What a blessing that you see your family that way and that you are leading your home with that in mind! Great encouragement for the rest of us (aka me) on the other side of the journey 🙂 thanks for checking in Jay

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