Knowing REST is harder than you think.

Rest is a complicated idea.  Not that it is difficult to understand but that there are many layers and some forms of “rest” are deceptive and lead you to believe that you will be more rested than what can be delivered.

For example: Watching TV…false rest.

It may seem as if you are rested.  You are laying down or tuning your brain off while watching the latest episode of Breaking Bad, but further investigation could show that you aren’t really resting because instead of being in a place of peace you are simply zoning out. You are postponing the time to process and instead are simply distracting yourself from resting.


Actively take time to be still.

Actively take time to sit in your thoughts.

Actively take time to relax.

Rest either to prepare for what is ahead or to be still after a season of hard work.

Everything in your being tells you that you have to be doing something…Instead…find a space or time to sit in your thoughts and see God work.

Simply rest.


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