Love Jesus but Hate the Church? An Impossible Disconnect.

It feels like every where I go, some one is writing a post about how the church is messed up.  How we are broken…how the church has wronged them.

We love Jesus, but hate the church.  I love God, but hate religion.  Christ gives life, but the church takes it from them.  I love Jesus, but cannot imagine stepping into a church…

It gets fatiguing.

It seems that there is a recognition of the difficulties of being the church in this broken world, but there seems to be two problems….a 1) misdiagnosis of the problem both in their lives and then in their assessment of the church that 2) leads to an inappropriate action plan to change the result.

People whine.  They complain.

Recently John Piper addresses this issue and attempts to clarify this disconnect for those who may be feeling that way. Worth the listen.


I will Not Leave Jesus But I’m Done with the Church on the Ask Pastor John podcast.

One thought on “Love Jesus but Hate the Church? An Impossible Disconnect.

  • I felt that same way when I first became a Christian. I loved Jesus but hated going to church. Than I met a pastor who said to me church is not a building but the people in the building. I only hated going to church because to me it was to long and they played to much worship music instead of going through the bible. It wasn’t untill I attended MCC and met pastor Sanders that I began to realize that church was more than just worship music and a sermon it was about the people in the church. After pastor Sanders I met your dad who instilled in me the love of Jesus.MCC was the only church I attended that made me feel welcomed from uncle Charlie to Aunty Chris.

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