Mars Hill Church or Cult?

On January 31st, 2012 Mars Hill was brought to the headlines in an article by The Stranger.  Interesting article attacking the spiritual discipline practices that take place at Mars Hill and the enforcement of biblical manhood and womanhood.

After thinking it over, Andrew refused and quit the church—but just like with Lance, the church didn’t quit him. In a letter Andrew says is from Mars Hill, one pastor told members to shun Andrew because he refused to “submit to his church leaders” and to not discuss anything with him besides repentance. It even offered a few helpful lines for awkward encounters: “Andrew, I would enjoy time with you, but I can’t because you’re under church discipline. You can join me if we can talk about your refusal to listen to God and the church.”

Once Andrew leaked the documents, the Christian blogosphere exploded with indignation. People were furious about the church’s invasive demands: to stop dating until told otherwise, to write “in detail his sexual and emotional attachment history with women,” to cut off ties with his friends at Mars Hill. It seemed less about getting right with God than public humiliation and congregation control.

Check out the full article and how the attempt to live biblically runs against the world and will challenge you to change your doctrine to fit ht worlds standards rather than the other way around.  Also at reveals the actual spiritual disciplines contract!  At the very least challenges what spiritual discipline should look like and how you should biblically implement it in your church.

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