Missions: Am I a Sinner If I Don’t Go? Potentially.

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A few nights ago, I had a conversation with a friend and his wife about the mission field.  They were passionate!  They had extremes in terms of energy.  They were off the chart. They were missing something that they didn’t even know they were missing.  

Not everyone is meant to leave the United States to share Jesus, but ALL Christians are called to be light in this dark world.  If you’re lightbulb isn’t shining…assess your faith because:

The Lightbulb Works In Indiana or Indonesia.

The Christian has a passion for others to know and enjoy God.  I think the attitude needs to be one of a people called of God to preach the good news of the Messiah Jesus, of the savior Jesus Christ and be a people ready to travel as far Africa or as near as the street corner to meet people we can connect to and explore with them the love of God for us and the world.

The Lightbulb is Always ready to be Moved.

The key language isn’t “travel as far as Africa” to do missions. The key language should be, “be ready”.  In that context it’s the idea of being available and being ready at the direction God will lead.  Be open, and ready to receive that which God is calling you to.  If the light bulb works at home, it should also work elsewhere.  If its not working at home…its a good guess it probably won’t work elsewhere either.

The Lightbulbs Decision Process:

Where is God calling us to?

What we don’t know….WE don’t know, but we know Gods revealed will in his Scripture.  Our calling is to be patient, humble, gentle and loving to those around us, and that can get lived out anywhere you are.

What we do know…  Go where you will enjoy sharing God the most.  Go where you will enjoy bringing him the most glory.  We are definitely called to be laborers because the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.

Share the good news!  Sow seeds!  Wherever you are get out and sow!  It felt as if they were diminishing any other effort that was for evangelism except going into the missions field?  It felt condescending to anyone who chose to live in America- is that an accurate statement?

Reasons that we recognize Gods call as being a holistic approach in world wide evangelism.

1.         We are called to share the good news in season and out of season.

2.         We are called to go into all nations and make disciples

3.         we are called to be strategic in our vision.

4.         We are called to bring glory to God through our lives.

5.         We are called to be patient, humble, gentle, loving w/unity of the church

6.         Find our joy in Him.

Where have you been challenged in your view of evangelism and how have you decided where to go?

2 thoughts on “Missions: Am I a Sinner If I Don’t Go? Potentially.

  • Great post David. My wife and I wrestled with whether or not we should go to the mission field… but we too found that “missions” is all around us. We are called to be light & salt – and light & salt are needed everywhere. Great reminder and much needed. Blessings to you.

    • Thanks Dave! Really appreciate it and here is the challenge— I cannot tell you if you should go or if you should keep thinking about it or if you should stay—- but I can tell you that I love your thoughts–were salt and light everywhere and Go or Stay where you feel you can glorify God most and enjoy Him. If thats else where— whats holding you back? If its where you’re at- then continue to glorify him in all you do where your at. THanks for being willing to dialogue Dave I enjoy it!

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