Multiply Yourself…in theory.

Micah Fries lays out three strategies to better multiply the gospel to our hurting world.  It is the Jesus Curriculum.  It is the Master Plan of Evangelism.  It is a great video on the multiplication of the gospel within a community, but makes it sound a lot easier than it is.  Though a simple concept, I didn’t get a sense that there is a lot of tension in accomplishing it for him.  Check out the video and under each of his points for me is a tension that we have to deal with if we are to accomplish this mission of the church.

He identifies 3 key ares where you can see the multiplication of the church.  Thoughtful look what it would look like to genuinely reproduce the church.  I love the thought behind the idea.  In fact I think there is not better way than to consistently put in the difficult work of sharing life with people and helping them see the Jesus that you see and believe and finding people further on the journey who can help you.  There in lies the mission of the church: “to preach the gospel of Christ by the power of the spirit to the glory of God the father”.  To know God and enjoy God more and help others in that process.

1. Relational capital should be invested in a hierarchy of priority (multiply yourself).

Challenge: You cannot do this if you do not see a tension between inclusive and exclusive relationships.  Many people believe the more you have in the room the greater the impact.  Not necessarily.  Are the people in the room all in about this vision of discipleship.

2. Invest specifically in the next generation.

Challenge: Young people, me included, don’t know what we don’t know and it would seem to take a lot longer than a year to help people see the depth of someone and be able to reproduce it on a significant level.  You cannot see al the layers and complexities of life within a years time.  Life and relationship are much more complex than that and if you did than you didn’t find the people that you really wanted to impact.

3. Hand off as many responsibilities as you can.

Challenge: Amen, delegate…but how do you make it about relationships over tasks?  If you find a lot of people to do stuff…some might be happy but it would seem that again, if you’re finding task people you may get a lot done without much depth.  The “WHY” people will not be happy simply doing “WHAT” tasks. There is always a tension between the time invested to reproduce yourself and the time it takes to simply perform a task.  That gap is huge!

All in all I love the theory but the challenge comes in the practice.  Relationship is a lot messier and a lot more challenging.  And even in this…does our focus now shift to a tactical operation rather than an explosion that will naturally multiply because of the joy of the gospel?


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