“One more for the…bad guys?”

Envy comes from unmet desires.  The grass is always greener.

John Piper says,

Verse 4: “Delight yourself in the Lord” (that is, “trust in the Lord,”), “and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Now that’s an amazing promise, because envy usually arises from not having the desire of your heart. You will see somebody that has something that you wish you had, and you’ll see that this desire is missing in this life. So the best way to fight is to go to this promise and say, “Now Lord, you have made a covenant with me in verse 4. You say that, if I will put my delight in you, you will give me the desires of my heart. So I am now going to delight in you.”

Even when I look to my circumstances and it doesn’t appear to me that the good guys are winning.  It always seems as if someone has it better than you.  Don’t they?

I mean look at their life…better this, better that…better…everything!

Where are you looking for fulfillment?

Where are you looking for satisfaction?

Envy is rooted in unmet desires that are sought in an unhealthy way.  Though I look around and could wonder why circumstances aren’t different; why I don’t have x,y, or z.

Question your abilities.  Question your value.  Question your existence.

I have the potential to decide between a measuring game and deeper trust in the God who promises care.  Battle envy and trust that God has you exactly where you are supposed to be and has given you everything you need for this season.

Trust Him.

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