Outsourcing is the Devil. Unless you’re Making McDonalds toys.

Are you acting as an outsource ministry?  This is a great discussion about how youth ministry can quickly become a tool that parents simply farm their kids out to.  It doesn’t feel like new information , but rather an encouragement to check what you are doing and how you’re doing it.

Click HERE for the full article from Gospel Coalition.

4 thoughts on “Outsourcing is the Devil. Unless you’re Making McDonalds toys.

  • I think this outsourcing can start even earlier.
    I take a lot of care to raise my 5-year old and 3-year old well. I hope to continue that as time goes on. I look at the church as having a partnership with the parents. So I certainly value the church’s efforts. It just can’t be a justification for laziness on my part.

    • man thats humbling- cause on one level you didnt communicate this but on first read I thought—- laziness on the part of the youth pastor to say yeah its the parents job—- then I reread it and saw that no you are calling out laziness on the parents but I was definitely convicted for a moment— am I lazy in my approach to student ministry? How would you encourage your family pastor or future student pastor to partner with you in that process?

  • This is a great conversation and it goes right along with a family seminar we had a our church this past Saturday. One of the speakers topic was “The Myth of Sunday School” Ultimately he talked about the fact that it is really the parents responsibility to train their child in Scripture. Sunday School is great but parents shouldn’t think that it’s off their shoulders because their kid goes to S.S.

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