When it happens it happens…Agricultural Relationship.

It isn’t revolutionary to believe in core teams.  In the business world we see CEO’s, COO’s and CFO’s.

In Sports we usually watch three or four football captains walk out onto the field.

The question I want to ask is whether you lead with an agricultural  or mechanistic mindset?

What Mechanical Relationships Look Like:

– Send it down the line.  Every six minutes we are creating a new widget.  These people create the glass, these people fill in the soda and these people cap the bottles.  Send out for delivery and sale.

-primarily made up of teams driven to create and execute no matter the season of life.  Things need to get done and things need to get done now.

– sow, plant, reap…I have needs and objectives and if the sign says open were going to be moving regardless of the weather.  We want to see life transformation and were not messing around.  Life is short and hell is hot.

– its not that we don’t care about people, but goals need to be met that supersede the issues that arise in life.

What Agricultural Relationships Look Like:

– There is a season for everything.  You will plow in vain if the ground is covered in snow and are hoping to plant your wheat.

– Shift your focus off of trying to till the ground and instead either rest or shift your priorities some where else.  What are other areas of grow we need to address?

– You can only move as fast as the climate will allow and you will not be able to force anything to grow or change simply as a result of trying harder; you aren’t going to force it to rain, you aren’t going to force the sun to shine and you aren’t going to force life change in people.

– There are circumstances that are beyond our control and we do what we can with what we have in the season we need to.

How do you see you role in leading a team…mechanically or agriculturally?  


10 thoughts on “When it happens it happens…Agricultural Relationship.

  • Thanks for writing, David. Nice site.

    Hmm. Yeah. There’s a reason we humans are wired as we are. And furthermore, we are made in our Creator’s image. I am seeing that the way people are around me may either be a result of who I am and the influence I have on them. Or, it may be that the challenging (or maybe even the sweet) characteristics of who they are is exactly what I need so that I become what I need to… conformed to the image of the Christ. Maybe a dynamic blend of both. I find that marriage can be such a ‘dynamic tool’ in God’s hands if I allow it to be. I must understand that the gender differences must not be made into ‘samenesses’, but I must see the beauty and character of the differences. And allow the differences to shape me and make me.

    I see ample opportunities for the cross in relationships. I love people, but we’re simply not made alike and we don’t think alike. Hence, the ops to go back to the cross. Oh, the beauty of the cross. Oh, may we thank the Lord for the ops of going back to the cross. How vile we are. How beautiful He is. The cross is not a cheap or easy fix-all. It is a life and death choice we have. As long as I don’t die to my own vile way, I can continue wearing it as a cloak around me and it will continue to affect every other area of my life. My vileness goes with me. It is a part of me. Not a good option. Thank you, Lord for the cross.

    • Sounds like a blog post in the making Arlen!!! Lots of great ideas in here and the one that Id like to dialogue about is the marriage and gender differences and the sameness idea.

      Man, how true it is that we are not all the same and to try and become the same we lose something. WE are different and there is joy in seeing the differences and embracing them. Yet there is something to be said for sameness and sharing things or having things in common—and the danger of having too many things in common 🙂

      And what better way to end then on the cross—in relationship. The cross is that great balancing tool to help center us again and realize we don’t have it all figured out. Don’t compare to each other compare to the cross and find grace and forgiveness in the process. Great stuff Arlen!! Thanks for the thoughts man!

  • I’ve not seen this comparison before. I’d say that in ministry you’d want to have an agricultural mindset most of them time. Then again I’m not sure if the ideas of mechanical and relationship ever go together. When I think of relationship I naturally think of something that is organic, growing and needs a lot of TLC.

    • Feels like it caleb and yet it also feels like people love structure and tasks and programs so much that they want to build and create them without ever thinking of the people that they are getting in them. It seems that the mechanical side wants productivity and agriculturally focused people want life change….they complement each other and doesn’t seem like its either one or the other but trig to find the balance between both. Does that seem true? Thanks for the comment caleb !

    • I’d pretty much agree. I find it hard not to view relationships along with most things in life from an agricultural perspective, organic and changing. But having said that, I have a wife who is super-organised in her approach – schedules, lists etc. – and I’ll admit I need reining in every so often and reminding of some of the more practical concerns. It’s definitely a balance. One I’m always learning and re-learning.

      • Micah- thanks for commenting dude and starting the conversation- hahah, love that you learn from your wife who knows you best and sees things that even those that may be the closest to you would never see. And I love her heart in being willing to speak truth into your life and at least what it seems a gracious heart in you to receive it. I know I am not always the best at receiving tough love. Thanks again dude for stopping by and I look forward to more great posts from your thought house in the future!

    • Caleb- I don’t know how I missed this— thanks for seeing this as an unique thought 🙂 It is definitely a relationship—just one that seems abnormal to the flexible, artist, left brain relationship people. Its the one that says its all about the final product and relationship becomes a means to an end rather than an opportunity for growth in the journey. Always a joy to hear your thoughts caleb 🙂

  • Great thoughts, David! I think the main role of a leader is to set the example of a high standard. To care about people, gain influence, and produce results (cause team members to produce results).

    • The challenge I face is when the results you want to produce aren’t necessarily able to be produced when you want them– how do you react. MY challenge is I could had the tendency to force it to happen rather than relax and let it play out. And then work like mad when its the right season. Are you in the season of needing to build the team, get the right people in and the wrong people out, or maybe you have the best team and now it sthe season to get busy! ALways love your thoughts dan

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