January 25, 2012

Philosophy of Ministry

Living to build a community of people in orange county who are disciples, wholly sold out to the ultimate joy that comes from fellowship with God, with the community of faith, and with those who would be followers of Christ but for someone to show them how.

These 6 Elements are critical in that process.

Joy in Jesus – There is more joy in Jesus than anywhere else. Our goal is to know, treasure and promote Him.

Informal yet Intentional – In this journey of treasuring Christ, we utilize strategy and a roadmap for those we are sharing life with. Though it may appear to be casual and informal it is no less intentional.

Relationally Driven – Spiritual transformation happens best in the context of sharing life together. God uses human relationships as the primary means of stimulating spiritual life and transformation.

Biblically Saturated – The Word of God is the content for seeing lives changed. The Bible is living and active. By it we encounter Jesus and learn to form our lives around Him.

People in Process – There is a traceable, and usually messy, growth story of genuine spiritual life (authentic faith in God) producing ongoing spiritual transformation.

Stories of Growth – Authentic life transformation deepens, repeats and multiplies, where the person cannot help but bring others into their experience. Joy isn’t complete until it overflows into the life of another.

Bonus: Inevitable Tensions – There are tensions in scripture and we often overlook some while breaking into heresy with others.  The virgin birth, Gods sovereign and human responsibility debate, the Trinity…what about Jesus’ peccability or impeccability? Jesus died on the cross but did God die…before you answer, in your head did you just divide the indivisible Lord Jesus 100% man 100% God to answer that his “man” side died? You don’t need to be a pastor to press into these tensions, and not run away.  Join me on the journey.