Round Two: Made the top 34! is a youth blog started by Ben and Josh Read geared towards connecting with other everyday youth pastors. They love youth ministry and see value in the youth pastor as more than a class clown or event coordinator.

I think Ben Kern, one of their contributors said it best… is a really special and unique website. It is built, run, and contributed by people who are all doing vocational ministry. They are not heads of non-profits, publishers, or curriculum writers. They are youth workers. They work really hard at allowing new and fresh voices to be heard in youth ministry circles. And while I am not really new or fresh, I am been blessed to be a part of their team.

Every year they come up with a list of some of the top youth ministry blogs across the intraweb. These are nominated by average youth workers, and I am honored to have made the list.

I wrote an article on How Leadership Development Ruins the Church and have had the blessing of being included in this group of leaders.  I’ve enjoyed the process of reading more quality posts from youth pastors around the country and thankful to have been included.  If you appreciated my post or just because you would like to vote you can find Round Two here.




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