Soul Care: why it must be an inside out thing.

Have you ever dropped a rock in water to watch it crate ripples in the water or held your hands under a faucet gathering water in your palms.  When there are no more rocks being dropped in the center the ripples cease and when you move your hand away from the source the water leaks through your fingers.

Its a natural phenomena.

I think soul care and discipleship follow a similar pattern.  The outer ripples were created because in inner momentum and the reason the water is continually filling in your hand is because you are consistently returning to the source.

In the church it feels as if we forget these two simple ideas in our efforts of discipleship.  For some reason we think that we can create the outer ripples without a catalyst or continual inside momentum.  We also think that we can muster leaders and mentors by coaching leadership lessons rather than a passion to investigate God more through his word.

Discipleship works because of two primary passions:

Inside Out.

If we have a passion to help people know God and enjoy God more its because at the very center of our community are men and women who have come together and have seen their own lives transformed through the power of Gods word and have a desire to help others in that process.  For some reason we believe we can create ripples on the outside without having that rock consistently dropped at the core of our communities.

That rock is simply a passion to disciple.  It is a passion to help people see God through his scripture and encourage them to go do the same.

Returning to the Text over and over and over.

When we move our hand away from the faucet we slowly lose the water that was contained in our palms.  Likewise, in our discipleship tactics we believe that instead of helping people read the bible for themselves we should take them to Francis Chan books, marriage discussions, systematic theology discussions, or purely open ended dialogue.  None of these are bad in and of themselves and in fact make great bridges but at the end of the day we are trying to identify the primary way people can know God and enjoy God more.  Christian books are great, but the bible is better.

Help people put their hands under the faucet for themselves rather than having them receive water from you that you are transferring from the faucet.  Help them return over and over and over to the faucet for themselves and encourage them to bring other people to the faucet.

Discipleship isn’t difficult to comprehend but challenging to live out and stay committed to.

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