How “DO” You do Accountability then?

Earlier I ranted about the destructive nature of accountability groups to the ongoing sanctification process of the Christian.  What sparked the push against the existence of accountability groups part 2 was a comment by Loren Pinilis. Loren Commented that he, “meet[s] with another guy for accountability regularly, and [he is] wondering how to best go Read more about How “DO” You do Accountability then?[…]

How Important is Reading and Re-reading the Bible?

Heard a story the other day. Meant to be inspirational and hilarious- instead, made me realize that a desire to open God’s book might be becoming a lost art. The man told me he was invited to speak to his “Sunday school” and he told me this story of his opening line to the group, Read more about How Important is Reading and Re-reading the Bible?[…]