Where are you taking the bus? 2 Elements that must be involved in goal setting.

objectivecriteriaHave you ever set a destination with no direction on how to get there?

Have you ever laid out boundaries without any end goal?

Objectives and criteria go hand in hand and without them you can either end up with a bus full of people with no where to go or a bus full of the wrong people that don’t want to go where you’re taking them…where are you taking the bus?

ob·jec·tive /əbˈjektiv/

a thing aimed at or sought; a goal.

Chart the course of your next meeting, appointment, afternoon.  Have a plan.  Have an agenda in mind and it will make everything that takes place during that time more productive.

In conversation. At home. In life.

Now some of those objectives could be as simple as…spend quality time with family. Enjoy the company. Or it could be as detailed as have fully functional event with all transitions spelled out clearly.  And then climb the ladder of the higher objectives.  This will make every meeting more clear in why you are meeting. Criteria will help make it easier to assess how well you accomplished that objective.

cri·te·ri·on /krīˈti(ə)rēən/

a principle or standard by which something may be judged or decided.

How well did you do?  Your objective was to build a boat.  You traveled to Paris.  You had a blast, saw the Eiffel Tower, ate French food, and took a picture with Zinedine Zidane and call it good.

Time wasted?   Not necessarily, but without a criteria a trip to Paris might have been a step towards building that boat…or a step away.  Develop a criteria or lens to view your objective through.  What steps need to be developed in order to help assess your objective.

How have you seen objectives and criteria work in your life?  Or not work?


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