The Great Seth Godin…master Blogger.

I was introduced to Seth a couple days ago and the only thing I was told about him was his unique way of stating ideas that cause you to say…yeah-that makes sense.

Recently he wrote on Writing Tips 101…Saying things backwards.

If your writing feels like nothing but easily defensible aphorisms, as if you’re saying things that are obvious, it’s entirely possible that no one is going to eagerly keep reading. Your real estate brochure or the ad copy you’ve written–if it’s merely posturing or bragging, better to not say it at all. We already know you think you did something great.

Consider the alternative. Say the opposite. That your condo isn’t right for everyone. That your software might be overpriced. That this new model car is in fact quite difficult to use.

And then tell us why. We’d love to know how you’re going to wriggle out of that. And along the way, if your story is a good one, we might even give it a try.

Simple truths that can make a big difference!

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