The Sexiness of Simplicity: Defining What Simplicity Means for the Church.

Simplicity is beautiful.

Simplicity isn’t the presence of naiveté; rather it is the absence of innocence.

Simplicity is more than a minimalist lifestyle; it is a synthesized and sophisticated worldview.

In the church we tend to run to hometown buffet before we run to the simplicity of a singular idea.

We become all things to all people and we define that to mean we must literally be all things. Instead, the church needs to understand what simplicity is and maintain an unwavering focus on those things. To truly be the church on mission.

Maybe it is just my Southern California context, but the options seem limitless in terms of what is provided to me.

In an age where I can listen to any of the greatest preachers at a click…I do.

My podcast list is longer than I can ever get to.

And in a culture that moves at a frantic pace and has forgotten what silence and solitude look like…I tend to fall into the spirituality of busyness rather than rest.

There has to be another option than the all in to everything that comes my way, but the answer is deeper than to just cut everything out of my life and go live in the wilderness right?

What Simplicity Isn’t…

The Van Life. Simplicity isn’t quitting your job and going on a year to find yourself.

The Minimalist. Living on your toolkit seems more like a throwback to MacGyver than it is to an understanding of simplicity.

The Purge. Simplicity is more than getting rid of half your wardrobe for lent….and then slowly accumulating it back over the course of the year.

Simplicity Is…

A thoughtful view of What Matters. It is lean. There are literally limitless things you can give your time to, the question then becomes what will that be and the fat then is something for some other slob to pick up.

Comprehensive. Simplicity has the ability to see all things, and synthesize it to their essence. It has the ability to see both the forest and the trees.

Committed and Unwavering. Simplicity requires discernment and a laser focus to not stray from that perspective. The ability to say no and yes becomes a much-needed skill in the hunt for simplicity.

Simplicity in the Church.


Its always about relationships.

This doesn’t feel like a hard one to convince people of. The question than may lead to how much, or how to, but the context of life transformation doesn’t change…God has provided people as the conduit from which I will be changed. People coming into my life for a reason, season or lifetime that move me closer to the cross and deeper in my pursuit of God.


It is always about the Bible.

All churches will say this…were supposed to, but not all know what it means or looks like to see this simplicity permeate your community. When the lights are not on and there is no program, is God himself interesting enough for us? Is he captivating enough where we want to pursue him through the vehicle that he has chosen to reveal himself? Not as often or in a productive way as we might think…if were honest.

 The Sexiness of Simplicity Discovered thru an Unwavering Commitment to Scripture:

We are distracted.

And not only by the world but by the church. We have programs for days for anything and everything. The challenge is to continue to push for the simplicity of creating communities centered on knowing and enjoying God through his word and watching that change our lives. Is that enough? Is God captivating enough or is the latest Candy Crush or quick fix Devotional book more appealing?

That would seem to end church growth quickly. That doesn’t sound all that sexy. There are no flashing lights or music. There are no extras or over the top gimmicks. It is simple, yet profound. I never want to describe this process as meat and potatoes, instead it is the essence of simplicity. It is the essence of what matters if all else went away.

The simplicity of seeing God for ourselves in His word…in a phrase…in lies the sexiness of simplicity.

2 thoughts on “The Sexiness of Simplicity: Defining What Simplicity Means for the Church.

  • David, I love how you frame this here and on so many parts of life. What is isn’t and then what it is. Most people would think scripture is so complex and wouldn’t end there, and that’s why I love your piece even more.

    • Skip thanks for the encouragement man– Ive been away for a while but have recently returned and love that you are still engaged and have continued to write— if you’re ever in Orange County coffee on me!

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