The Surprising Reality on How People Change.

Everybody wants to change…well, a significant majority of people.  And for the most part, we can observe all the areas of grow in our lives and for the remaining areas we can have some one point them out to us.

Lose weight | read more | character | communication | service | etc

In the church the most notable area is Evangelism.

Now this post isn’t mainly about evangelism, it is about change — though for the sake of mixing in SOME spirituality evangelism will simply become an idea to solidify the idea of change…

My friend Jon who blog HERE wrote a post about how “the inside counts”.

Such a common, pithy phrase that is pregnant with meaning.

What does it mean?


Its really not that complicated.

We often force our way into a diet routine or try really hard to find a non profit to fight for.

An inside out philosophy says change what drives you on the inside and you will see it get expressed on the outside.

Evangelism specifically:

The same is true in the journey of discipleship and evangelism.

They are inextricably tied together and as one gets a greater view of God she cannot help but overflow that story of joy and love of her life into the lives of those around her.

The desire(s) that you could be replacing:

  • Fear
  • Timidity
  • Shame
  • Guilt

Desire you are replacing it with

  • Joy in Jesus
  • Costly Grace
  • Heart for the broken
  • Unending Forgiveness

The surprising reality on how people change is that it is rather simple to comprehend but extremely difficult to see happen.

It is a life time journey that wants to fight for deeper, lasting happiness in Christ.

Here is to the journey ahead.

2 thoughts on “The Surprising Reality on How People Change.

  • I love when people make evangelism about joy rather than obligation. It’s so easy for it to feel like the latter and for us to forget its true root and engine: passion and delight in who God is and what He’s done.

    • and until it becomes for joy, or anything else in our lives for that matter, I don’t think we ever fully change or make movement in the direction we want to- thanks Micah

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