The year of you?

An incredibly intriguing marketing year for Nike that rocks my soul to its core because it continues to remind us that it is all about us.  Its repulsive.  Nike says, “make the next 12 months about you”!  There may be people that you pass along the way-wave at them as you go by.  There may be people needing your help-don’t slow down but rather keep only you and your needs in mind.  Keep thinking about what will get you to the next level.


It is the reverse of the gospel message.  In John 13 we see the king of kings and lord of lords humbling himself and takes the position of a slave.  The one person in the world that really is 100% justified in thinking of himself chooses to give a model for his disciples to follow.


I can imagine the roads weren’t as clean as they are today and shoes weren’t quite as protective as they are today.  Mud covered feet.  The odor of sweaty feet filling the room.  And Jesus.  The one whose name is above every name takes off his robe and takes the position of servant.  Washing feet.


He contradicts the worlds standards.  Make this the year of you?  No.  For this year and years to come make it about Jesus. Make much of him by serving others.

2 thoughts on “The year of you?

  • Surely the core of the gospel and the depth and rhcniess of the gospel can co-exist. The gospel core is essentially about relationship between Jesus and us. The full story of the gospel revolves around and is centred on that relationship.Your hypothetical scenario is just that (ie. hypthetical) for the vast majority of us, most of our time is not spent explaining the gospel in words, but trying to live it out in provocative lifestyles that bring people to ask the right questions. Those provocative lifestyles must be driven by the fullness and rhcniess of the gospel repentance and living under the Lordship of Christ must be essential components of those lives. But the key relationship can be simply explained, and simply accepted. Our lives have already demonstrated at this point (and our words will continue to explain) that this is just the start of the journey!Like falling in love the rhcniess and full implications of the relationship only become apparent in the days that follow the decision to be together

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