Vision Casting 101: Where do you start? Here or There?

Bill Hybels talks about how all vision casters are on the journey of taking their people from here to there…the question is where do you start when you are casting the vision?

1.  Do you start “here”?

2.  Do you start “there”?

I think many of us would say to begin by talking about the glories that await us once we are there!  I cannot wait to get there!  There is going to be a great place!  Let me tell you how good it will be once we get there and motivate you to move from where you are in order to join me on this journey of getting “there.”

The shock factor.

Many of you would say that, and many of you would be wrong.

Its better to begin with the here before you ever move to the there.  It is better to cast the vision of how bad it would be if we stayed here.  It takes work, but in order to help people change you need to make it extremely uncomfortable for them to ever believe they would want to stay “here”.

People often dislike change and in order to help launch them on that journey instead of telling them how glorious “there” will be you need to begin by telling them how awful it is “here”.  You must help them realize that they will never be happy if they stay “here” and then lead them to see the glories of “there”. 

No matter what the “here” or “there” is for you, this is where you must start in your vision casting.  

6 thoughts on “Vision Casting 101: Where do you start? Here or There?

  • What a great perspective!!! I think doing this can really motive people to move from their current place to the desired place. This is something I’m going to think about even more. Great thought and post.

  • Huh, I had never considered it like that before. That’s actually a really great point. I’m in the process of right now of vision casting for a small group that I lead, and this will be very helpful. Thanks!

    • I’d actually would love to hear about how it goes man 🙂 May God give you the words and the direction to bring about the right change!

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