Where do I go? 3 Results to avoid in this path to understanding Direction.

After spending time with students a common question that continues to come up is where do I go and what do I do?

These can potentially be paralyzing questions to your life and future.

It can cause you to never move into adulthood and cause a perpetual cycle of wondering if you are making the right decision in EVERY decision you make.

There are 3 obstacles to Avoid:

Attempting to find the bullseye when looking for the direction God wants for your life.  

It’s like the yeti or squach,it doesn’t exist!  Reassess and understand that you aren’t trying to find the bullseye and anything else was a failure, but rather broaden your understanding to know that anything on the target is within God’s direction (God’s revealed will aka the Bible) and anything clearly outside the target (outside of God’s revealed will aka the bible) is something to steer clear of.

ex: Is there a soul mate? A perfect job? Perfect location to live?  No, No, NO!  There are many eligible mates within the target, many jobs that qualify, and many locations to live!  Pick one that aligns with God’s revealed will to live your faith out with humility gentleness, patience, and love (Eph 4:1-3).

Waiting for the Perfect Scenario to Fall into your Lap

Are you lounging on the couch and waiting for the perfect situation to knock on the front door?  It may happen, but most likely you’ll be waiting a long time.  Don’t passively wait for the right job, spouse, or situation to land in your lap; instead actively pursue opportunities that provide opportunities to learn responsibility, grow your experience in life, and guide you to more options for the future.

Always questioning every decision by saying, “how do I know this is right”?

Trying to recognize Gods direction?  Join the club, but this perpetual cycle of debilitating questions does not help.  Instead, recognize that if you are pursuing Gods glory and his desires above everything in life all your decisions will flow from that ultimate pursuit.  When you are pursuing your greatest joy and happiness in God, then every decision you make will be in line with that root.  Instead of asking, “is this right” grow in your relationship with God by retreating and spending more time with God.  When deepening your relationship with Him, make decisions off of your desires because your desires are becoming so aligned  with His!


7 thoughts on “Where do I go? 3 Results to avoid in this path to understanding Direction.

  • I think seeking and relying on God for direction is so important.  God will always guide and direct our steps if we are focusing on His will. Great post!

  • Sometimes we’ve just got to dive in. For anyone wondering about how to find God’s will for their lives, I always recommend Kevin DeYoung’s “Just Do Something.”

    • Nice book man!
      Yes, I actually just gave it out to one of my college students as I completely agree–great resource in that “Discovering Gods will” process 🙂 THanks Loren

  • I also like to ask myself if the decision is wise. Am I making the decision based on wisdom, or am I making it because I’m being lazy, or am afraid of change or am enamored by money or change that wouldn’t be good in my life. Then I ask counsel of other godly people in my life. It definitely helps!

    • Absolutely Jay! Godly people in our life are huge at helping us in the process if we are willing to act on their wisdom or if they too are willing to actually give direct feedback instead of what will tickle our ears. I have a friend who has been circling the drain (moaning about where he is but not ever moving) and it was hard to tell him what I actually thought he should do because I didnt want to hurt him but in reality I was hurting him by not saying anything. Thanks for the comment Jay!

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