Why aren’t people coming to Small Group? The law of Influence.

“No matter how hard I try, 2 out of 5 families aren’t coming to small group.”

Sound familiar?

They tell me they are coming, the respond to emails positively, but come Tuesday night they are consistently a no show.

Who does the burden fall on?

As a leader you need to take ownership in this.  Maybe it isn’t your fault.  Maybe they are flakes.  Maybe they are lying and are finding more joy in whatever else they are choosing over group.

But instead of attributing bad motives to people, I want you as a leader to claim responsibility and ownership in the process.

As a leader you are responsible to cast vision and share the importance of why they need to be there and gain influence.  


By building real relationships with people and providing something people are willing to follow you continue to gain influence.

“If you think you are leading, but no one is following, you are simply taking a walk”.  John Maxwell.

People will follow you for two primary reasons:

1.  Character- are you the person others want to follow?

2.  Competence- have you proven the ability to take people from “here” to “there”?

Build relationships with people and proving these two qualities over and over and over to many many people.

Prove to those you are trying to lead that you are a leader of character with competence in the area you are trying to lead them.  If it is a ministry small group it requires a competence in the ability to understand the text.

Do you know how to read the Bible, locate the big idea, and apply the text to your life?

Continue to be modeled into the character of Christ and grow in your understanding of His word.


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