Why does Inspiration Fade? A Call to Fight.

I just returned from watching Les Mis and I would be in the majority reviewing it as a great film with a variety of complex themes ranging from faith, redemption, grace, forgiveness, duty, romance, hope, etc.


However, the theme that caught my attention dealt with hope…more specifically-inspiration.

Moments inspire us.

People inspire us.

Speeches inspire us.

MOVIES inspire us.

They inspire us to be successful, to be kind, to be grateful, to be thankful, to be optimistic of mankind.

But quickly we return from the mountain top experience to a place called reality.  The roses aren’t always rosy and the sugarplumb fairies aren’t always so sugary.

Why does Inspiration fade?

As I watched Les Mis tonight there is an extended commentary on the French Revolution seen through the eyes of young men envisioning a brighter France-one in cutting the fat ones down to size, one that includes the rich looking down on those less fortunate; who are hungry and unbathed.

Circumstances, obstacles, rifles….the dream, the hope, the inspiration we felt is quickly gone and we leave either unchanged or potentially a step behind where we were before.

Why does Inspiration fade?

It is the nature of inspiration.  It is a moment, a person, a speech, a movie…and the moment passes, the person leaves, the speech finishes, and the movie ends.

But we seek to be inspired because it is a reminder to fight.

It is a reminder to wake up another day to the battleground and step back into the ring because the reality is we are swimming upstream every day.

Jon Acuff wrote a great article on the grind here.

We need to be reminded and inspired of the vision and destination and we are called to fight.

My fight is a daily battle to find more joy in Jesus than anything else this life has to offer an
d I battle till I die or Jesus returns.


What is your battle and where do you find inspiration to keep fighting?

4 thoughts on “Why does Inspiration Fade? A Call to Fight.

  • David, Les Mis is my favorite show. I’ve seen it so many times and literally all over the world. I haven’t seen the movie just yet. I’ve often thought about various lessons and themes, but not this one. I appreciate your insights on this and will ponder this throughout the week ahead.

  • You’ve hit the nail on the head here. The inspiration that really lasts is the inspiration that we continually summon up. Viewing it as a passive process of something that is done to us sets up for failure.

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