Wrestling with Inevitable Tensions In Scripture

Desiring God ministries says, “We don’t adjust the brain-baffling categories of Scripture to fit human reason. We take it as one of our jobs to create categories in human minds that never existed in those minds before — a job only God can do — though he makes us agents.”   The Sovereign God of “Elfland” (Why Chesterton’s Anti-Calvinism Doesn’t Put Me Off) John Piper, jan 3, 2012.

Listed here are examples where we try so very hard to create categories of thought and ultimately rest in the inevitable tensions that are evident in Scripture:

  • God has revealed himself in three distinct persons: Father, Son, an Holy Spirit and yet we are perfectly content to believe that He is still One God not born nor begotten.
  • God sent his son to the earth in the form of a baby born to the virgin Mary.  God didn’t have sex with Mary to impregnate her nor some kind of super sperm was used and yet she physically became pregnant and physically gave birth to a son and his name was Immanuel, God with us.
  • God rules the world of bliss and suffering and sin, right down to the roll of the dice, and the fall of a bird, and the driving of the nail into the hand of his Son; yet, even though he wills that such sin and suffering be, he does not sin, but is perfectly holy. (DG Min.)
  • God governs all the steps of all people, both good and bad, at all times and in all places; yet such that all are accountable before him and will bear the just consequences of his wrath if they do not believe in Christ. (DG Min.)
  • God sent His son to die on the cross cross.  Jesus died a very brutal and violent death.  Jesus, the God-man, as elaborated on later is indivisible and equally God and man.  Also as stated earlier Jesus is the second part of the trinity.  Jesus is God. Jesus died for the sins of mankind, yet God cannot die, so we live in the inevitable tension of whether Jesus really died.  Often we go on to say his human part did, but that divides the God-man Jesus.  I rest in the paradox of yet another unavoidable and insolvable tension.
  • All people are dead in their trespasses and sins, and are not morally able to come to Christ because of their rebellion; yet, they are responsible to come, and will be justly punished if they don’t. (DG Min.)
  • Jesus Christ is one person with two natures, divine and human, such that he upheld the world by the word of his power while living in his mother’s womb. (DG Min.)
  • Sin, though committed by a finite person and in the confines of finite time is nevertheless deserving of an infinitely long punishment because it is a sin against an infinitely worthy God. (DG Min.)
  • The death of the one God-Man, Jesus Christ, so displayed and glorified the righteousness of God that God is not unrighteous to declare righteous ungodly people who simply believe in Christ. (DG Min)

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