Yes Virtual Relationships are valuable…but not real.

I went to Sams Club the other day to upgrade my phone and what I found surprised me.  It was a Samsung flip phone with no email capabilities, no internet, and no data package!  So I asked the sales guy what the deal was and he responded by saying it is for the older generation of people who are afraid of technology.


Yes. Afraid of change and afraid of the unknown.

There is a cocoon of protection that comes from shielding yourself off from the world, but there are also limitations.

Virtual Relationships are quite similar.

No were not talking exclusively about though they would be included.  Primarily looking at the world of social media there could be a potential to run and hide from twitter, instagram, vine, kik, blogs, Facebook, and any other social media outlet that exists.  Those that cling to their 2005 flip phone would say that virtual communities are deteriorating the idea of real relationships.  They are purely a cheap substitute for real connection.

As the picture indicates…life hasn’t changed much…only the medium.

Rather than run from virtual relationships….recognize them for what they are…a part of the scale of relationships.

Can you have the degree of relationship you can have face to face over coffee, beer, or a game?  I would argue no.  But can you still make connections…yes.

Pictures, texts, blogs and even skype or FaceTime can only take you to a point in a relationship.  Nothing can substitute the depth of relationship than can potentially be experienced by proximity, but do not discount the value that virtual relationships can have.

Proximity does not equal relationship…but virtual relationship can only be as effective as its ability to bridge the virtual world into reality.

Question: How have you seen virtual relationship succeed?

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