You’re a Tool. Start Acting Like it.

You’re a tool – No really, you are.

Have you ever needed a screwdriver to fasten something to the wall or open something that had been sealed with a screw…and you didn’t have it?

Have you ever needed a bottle-opener to open a bottle and instead tried to use a knife, corner of a table, or you teeth?

Have you ever tried to do something that you were absolutely terrible at and the results were, well-terrible?

The Tool was made for a Specific Purpose.

A vacuum cleaner was made with a specific purpose.  To vacuum.  When you lift it up over your head and begin to pound nails into the wall with it you will most likely get a subpar result.   Or on the other side, attempt to remove trash with a hammer…good luck.

It isn’t that the vacuum cleaner wasn’t made properly, but it was that you attempted to use it contrary to its makers design.  When used to clean the room of the messes that are all over the floor it’s a miracle worker.

Weight of the Mis-used Tool.

The challenge is that once you understand you are a tool you can begin the arduous process of trying to understand what you have been made for.  I am not stupid.  A hammer hammers stuff.  A vacuum cleaner vacuums stuff.  But what am I for?  Instead of living in the freedom of that relationship we create greater stress.  We are weighed down by the options that are presented.  We spend long hours in the waiting room rather than anywhere else.  Where do I go?  What do I do?  And if we are one of the lucky few to have something to do, we revert back to comparing what we do to others.

Embrace being a Tool.  Stop Comparing.

Seeing yourself as a tool frees you up to find significance in your maker, and the chance to understand how he has made you and then joyfully pursue it with everything you have.

You’re a tool.  Understand that you have been made with a purpose.  Stop comparing. Start living for the toolmaker.

And when you begin to realize that you are it allows you to live with the freedom of saying no to things, finding what you are good at, and pursuing it with joy.

Comparing, measuring, and weighing your skills against someone elses.  It always seems to lead to disappointment and discouragement if the person is better than you, or pride and arrogance when you realize that you appear to be better than them.

Finding Joy In the Toolmaker more than the function of the tool itself.

God wants us to be happy.  He created us to be happy.  He created us to be happy in him first, and also in his gifts-ultimately helping us see the giver more clearly.  Do you enjoy talking one on one and helping people process?  Not separate from glorifying God through that.  Do you love competition?  Not separate from glorifying God through that.  Enjoy appraisals?  Real Estate?  Sales?  Medical Industry?  The church?  Not separate from glorying God.

Question: What tool are you and what are you made for?

Answer: Where are you finding the most joy in glorifying God is a great place to start.

Where have you seen God use you successfully as a tool for his kingdom?  Where are you finding joy as a tool that is a perfect fit for what your in?

Where could you see yourself as a tool for Gods kingdom?

6 thoughts on “You’re a Tool. Start Acting Like it.

  • Seeing our talents and skills and desires as stewardships is something that is quite helpful to me. Not only does finding and fulfilling our role bring us joy, but it brings God the most glory as well.

  • David, such a well-written post that struck me. So many are struggling to find that purpose, to understand the place in the world and to figure out ‘just what in the world does God want me to do?’

    I’m amazed at the times when we are in a perfect place, when we see how it surely is impossible for me to have been right here at this very moment. And, in that impossibility, surely that is God’s purpose.

  • ‘Finding Joy In the Toolmaker more than the function of the tool itself.’ Wow, what a line. I’m going to be chewing on that one for a while. I can be very prone to being preoccupied with purpose, trying to figure what God wants me to do. I think learning to find joy in the toolmaker is the most important thing. It’s a habit I’m always learning.

    • Man micah- I think we all are- driving our generation crazy moving from job t to job looking for purpose…figuring out what God would have for us and for us to do…sucks and its tiring and helpful to continually go to that bigger picture- great stuff micah!

  • Right now God is using me as a preacher and a pastor. I think that when you find what God intended you for you will also find a deep joy in your work. I also think that we need to re evaluate from time to time what it is that God wants us to be doing. I’ve found that my skills, abilities and desires can slowly change over the course of years.

    • Love it Caleb- ad love seeing the work that is coming…closer to those 9 supporters? Also- I love that widget you have with the “what I am reading Now” book- how did you post that I would love to add that to my page- thanks man!

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